Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Add your data each morning and evening by filling out the form here.

Daily average prices

The green line is the average price of turnips each morning and night. The lighter area around it is the standard error, which is meant to convey the amount of uncertainty in the data that day.

The colored points are individual data points, with the color of the point determined by the island the data came from. Colors may be re-used, if there are too many islands. White points represent prices from users who declined to specify an island name.

Histogram of Sale Prices

Each bar represents the portion of prices that fall into a 10-bell range. For example, the bar labeled 90 is the portion of prices from 90 to 99.

Prices over 250 bells are excluded as outliers.

Comparison of morning and evening prices

These two charts compare prices with the next point from that island. The chart on the left is the morning price from an island compared to the evening price from the same island later that day. The chart on the right compares the evening price with the price from that island the next morning.

Dots that are below the line had a dropped in price, and dots above the line increased in price.

The colors represent each island. Colors may be repeated. The line represents a theoretical island where the morning and evening prices are the same.